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Sayin Necmi Bey,

12 - 19 Haziran 2010 haftasi acentaniz araciligiyla Bodrum Yalikavak Marina'dan Dufour 385 Grand Large modeli bir tekne kiralayarak Gokova korfezinde yelken yaptim. oncelikle teknenin her açidan tam teçhizatli olmasi ve hemen hemen her turlu donaniminin eksiksiz çalistigini gormek bizi çok mutlu etti.

Verilen bilgiler ve saglanan destekler de çok kiymetli idi. Tekne gayet iyi temizlenmis ve hazirlanmis idi. Ilk rezervasyon anindan son tekneyi teslim etme anina kadar yardimci olmaniz da takdire sayandir. Butun yelkenci arkadaslara sizlerle çalismalarini içtenlikle tavsiye ederim.

Devamli bir musteri kazandiginizi belirtmek isterim.

Ilginiz için tesekkurlerimi sunarim. Bir sonraki rezervasyonda gorusmek dilegiyle !!


H. Alp Ozkan

Hello Necmi,
Finally back in New Zealand after a most successful cruise aboard Catch Me . Certainly compared with our previous four Lagoon 41 charters she was by far the best boat that we have had and we have already thanked Can for this . We think he appreciated our various modifications and purchases to improve the boat for future charterers . We also wish to thank you for your excellent communications particularly when it was necessary with the anchor winch control problems. We would have no hesitation of recommending Boating Turkey as a thoroughly reliable Company to charter from.
Thank you again

Tim & Ginny Le Couteur
New Zealand

I will just say now that our trip was absolute heaven and we will tell everyone we know how wonderful the Serenity 70 and crew are. There could not be a better cruise experience in all of Turkey and we thank you all so much for our superb experience.

Elizabeth Ekneese

Boat Charters in Turkey

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Boat Charters Turkey
TD2-604 Economic Gulet, L.O.A. : 22 .mt., Cabins : 6, Built Year : 1986, A/C : No
3.500 €Gulet Charter Fethiye
Boat Hire Turkey
TD2-607 Economic Gulet, L.O.A. : 20 .mt., Cabins : 6, Built Year : 1998, A/C : No
4.200 €Gulet Charter Gocek
Yacht Charters Turkey
TD5-616 Boutique Gulet, L.O.A. : 33 .mt., Cabins : 6, Built Year : 2005, A/C : Yes
13.300 €Gulet For Rent
Yacht Rentals Turkey
TD4-601 Luxury Gulet, L.O.A. : 30 .mt., Cabins : 6, Built Year : 2005, A/C : Yes
10.150 €Luxury Gulet Charter Fethiye
Gulet Rentals
TD3-808 Economic Gulet With A/C, L.O.A. : 27 .mt., Cabins : 8, Built Year : 1997, A/C : Yes
5.600 €Blue Cruise Gulet
Gulet Hire Turkey
TD4-830 Luxury Gulet, L.O.A. : 35 .mt., Cabins : 8, Built Year : 2007, A/C : Yes
10.500 €Fethiye Gulet Charters
Boat Rentals Turkey
TD5-423 Boutique Gulet, L.O.A. : 36 .mt., Cabins : 4, Built Year : 2010, A/C : Yes
38.500 €Gulet Rental Turkey
Sailing in Turkey
TD3-706 Economic Gulet With A/C, L.O.A. : 24 .mt., Cabins : 7, Built Year : 1994, A/C : Yes
5.600 €Gulet
Catamaran Charters Turkey
TD4-821 Luxury Gulet, L.O.A. : 32 .mt., Cabins : 8, Built Year : 2000, A/C : Yes
5.600 €Gulet Bodrum
Bareboat Charters Turkey
TD3-702 Economic Gulet With A/C, L.O.A. : 26 .mt., Cabins : 7, Built Year : 1993, A/C : Yes
6.300 €Luxury Gulet Charter Gocek
TD2-815 Economic Gulet, L.O.A. : 27 .mt., Cabins : 8, Built Year : 2005, A/C : No
4.900 €Bodrum Gulet Tours
Bareboat Turkey
TD2-613 Economic Gulet, L.O.A. : 23 .mt., Cabins : 6, Built Year : 1999, A/C : No
4.130 €Discounted Boats Turkey
Bareboat Hire Turkey
TD3-809 Luxury Gulet, L.O.A. : 27 .mt., Cabins : 8, Built Year : 1997, A/C : Yes
7.000 €Boat Hire Turkey
Catamaran Rentals Turkey
TD5-416 Boutique Gulet, L.O.A. : 30 .mt., Cabins : 4, Built Year : 2011, A/C : Yes
21.000 €Bodrum Gulet Charter
Gulet Charters
TD4-405 Luxury Gulet, L.O.A. : 24 .mt., Cabins : 4, Built Year : 2006, A/C : Yes
8.750 €Deluxe Gulets
Sailing Turkey
BT-G422 Bavaria 56 Cruiser, Base : Bodrum, L.O.A. : 16.75 .mt., Cabins : 4, Built Year : 2014
4.375 € Bareboat Rental Cesme
Gulet Charter Turkey
BT-R310 Sun Odyssey 42i, Base : Orhaniye, L.O.A. : 12.85 .mt., Cabins : 3, Built Year : 2009
2.025 € Catamaran Hire Orhaniye
Boat Charter Turkey
BT-B320 Oceanis 41, Base : Fethiye, L.O.A. : 12.38 .mt., Cabins : 3, Built Year : 2013
2.150 € Beneteau Oceanis 41
Gulet Charter
BT-Y301 Sun Odyssey 409, Base : Fethiye, L.O.A. : 12.34 .mt., Cabins : 3, Built Year : 2013
1.925 € Fethiye Bareboat Charters
Sailing Yachts Turkey
BT-A501 Hanse 575 (crewed), Base : Bodrum, L.O.A. : 17.15 .mt., Cabins : 2, Built Year : 2014
6.500 € Hanse-575-Bodrum
Gulet Hire
BT-X306 Hanse 375, Base : Bodrum, L.O.A. : 11.35 .mt., Cabins : 3, Built Year : 2011
2.000 € Marmaris Bareboat Charter
Bareboat Rentals Turkey
BT-Y412 Lagoon 380, Base : Fethiye, L.O.A. : 11.55 .mt., Cabins : 4, Built Year : 2009
2.550 € Lagoon 380 Multihull Rentals Turkey
Gulet Rentals Turkey
BT-F306 Sun Odyssey 36i, Base : Marmaris, L.O.A. : 10.94 .mt., Cabins : 3, Built Year : 2008
1.700 € Sun Odyssey 36i
Catamaran Hire Turkey
BT-Y326 Sun Odyssey 439, Base : Orhaniye, L.O.A. : 13.34 .mt., Cabins : 3, Built Year : 2014
2.175 € Turkey Boat Rental
Bareboat Charter Turkey
BT-X409 Nautitech 40, Base : Marmaris, L.O.A. : 11.98 .mt., Cabins : 4, Built Year : 2008
3.625 € Catamaran Rentals Marmaris
Yacht Hire Turkey
BT-Y303 Sun Odyssey 40, Base : Orhaniye, L.O.A. : 12.20 .mt., Cabins : 3, Built Year : 2001
1.575 € Sun Odyssey 40 Bodrum Boats
Gulet Turkey
BT-T404 Oceanis 54, Base : Bodrum, L.O.A. : 16.70 .mt., Cabins : 4, Built Year : 2009
3.850 € Sailing In Turkish Waters
Gulet Rental Turkey
BT-L501 Bavaria 50 Cruiser, Base : Marmaris, L.O.A. : 15.43 .mt., Cabins : 5, Built Year : 2007
3.100 € Bavaria 50 Cruiser Yacht Charters Marmaris
Catamaran Turkey
BT-X317 Oceanis 46, Base : Marmaris, L.O.A. : 14.40 .mt., Cabins : 3, Built Year : 2011
2.750 € Bodrum Boat Hire
Gulet Charters Turkey
BT-X332 Beneteau Sense 50, Base : Fethiye, L.O.A. : 15.27 .mt., Cabins : 3, Built Year : 2012
3.700 € Yacht Charter Marmaris

Private Luxury Gulet Charters / Boat Charters in Turkey

Boating Turkey Yachting operation offering premium service with a selected gulet fleet in Turkey. Private luxury gulet tours are chartered on Turkish wooden boats named gulet; built by traditional methods for modern needs and ultimate comfort. We offer a unique gulet rental & hire service with unique gulet boats, visit our luxury gulet fleet section for all the details, choosing the most suitable gulet yacht and supreme luxury gulet services. Our fleet consists of four different main classification gulets, 2 star - standard gulet, 3 star - high class gulet, 4 star luxury gulet and 5 star – boutique gulet. The gulet rentals are weekly and the gulet charter embarkation and disembarkation days are generally from Saturday to Saturday. When you book a gulet through us, you can also hire your gulet cruising in either full board or all inclusive basis.

Bareboat Charters in Turkey

Boating Turkey has been operating boat charters in Turkey with hundreds of bareboat in Turkey sailing areas, which would not disappoint even those with the highest expectations. We offer a wonderful bareboat sailing holiday in Turkey to sailors with a wide selection of the hundreds bareboats at the all ports Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Antalya, Orhaniye and Karacasogut in Turkey. You can have a look at our bareboat fleet and you can hire one of our bareboats which fits you best. The bareboat rentals are weekly and we hire bareboat in all inclusive basis. When you rent a bareboat, you do not need to pay any extras like transitlog, end cleaning and outboard. All are included in bareboat rental the price. We organize (monohull) bareboat charters in Turkey at the best coatline of Turkey. You can sail with your bareboat from one port to others by paying one way fee. If you do not have enough sailing experience, you can hire your bareboat with a skipper. A skippered bareboat is far less expensive than a crewed yacht, but the stress knowing the inside information about the area is removed. Also your liability is less, because the skipper holds responsibility for the yacht on your bareboat holiday. We offer the best rate for hire and best service for bareboat charters in Turkey.

Catamaran Charters in Turkey

Boating Turkey is operating catamaran charters in Turkey with a different types of catamarans in ports Turkey. We offer to our clients a wonderful catamaran sailing holiday in Turkey at the best coastline of Turkey with a huge selection of catamarans. You can have a look at our catamaran fleet and you can hire one of our catamarans which fits you best at the all ports which are Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya, Gocek, Fethiye, Orhaniye and Karacasogut. The catamaran rentals are weekly and we rent the catamaran in all inclusive basis. We organize catamaran charter in Turkey. You can sail with your catamaran from one port to others by paying one way fee. If you do not have enough sailing experience, you can hire your catamaran with a skipper. A skippered bareboat is far less expensive than a crewed yacht, but the stress knowing the inside information about the area is removed. Also your liability is less, because the skipper holds responsibility for the yacht on your catamaran sailing. We offer the best rate for rent and best service for catamaran charter in Turkey.

Cabin Charters in Turkey

Weekly guaranteed departure cabin charter in Turkey every Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Boating Turkey is one of the leading cabin charter providers in Turkey from the coastline between Bodrum - Kekova. Cabin charter sailed with selected carefully standard gulets. Standard gulets generally have six or more cabin. Cabin Charter is the ideal and affordable way to enjoy excited and relaxed sailing in Turkish coast. Concept: Share a yacht, book a cabin; join fellow adventure holidaymakers sailing in the most beautiful part of the Turkish coastline. The cabin charters are being organised with 10 different itineraries at the 5 different ports Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and Antalya. Boating Turkey cabin charters gulets sail on all itineraries. Cabin charter program includes meals on full board basis; beverages required can be bought from the bar on deck. 3 or 4 night long mini cruise also arranged for the people who have less time for sail. You may see fully detailed information about our cabin charter organization on our cabin charter section.

Sailing with Boating Turkey

Boating Turkey Yacht Charters aim to serve the best conditions to charterers for an amazing sailing holiday in Turkey and all its ports which are Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Antalya, Fethiye, Orhaniye and Karacasogut. Boating Turkey specialized in sailing boat and crewed luxury yacht charter in Turkey area. Boating Turkey one the most innovative and progressive yacht charter company in Turkey. A memorable sailing holiday experience awaits you with Boating Turkey Team. Boating Turkey is one of the most visited website for luxury gulet charter, private boat charter, private crewed yacht charter, private crewed gulet charter, bareboat charter and catamaran charter in Turkey. We ensure that all your requests are met and your expectations are exceeded. With the wide range selection fleet of sailing yachts hire a boat and start up your sailing trip in Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Our main goal is to help you on every step in planning and realizing the boating holidays you have dreamed of! As a yachting company based in Turkey, our focus and expertise is organizing sailing holidays in Turkish waters and nearby Greek Islands. Through with our website you will reach to all provided boats rentals in Turkey and you can also find all kind of sailing charter activities. You can rent a boat, gulet, yacht, bareboat or catamaran in any ports of Turkey. We are proud to offer a wide selection of luxury gulets, boats, yachts, gulets, bareboats, catamarans for hire in all nicest sailing areas of Turkey. The variety of, Private Crewed Yacht Charter, Private Crewed Gulet Charter, Bareboat Charter, Catamaran Charter, Cabin Charter, Diving Charter for your charter vacation is many, from modest sailing yachts to superyachts and luxury yachts, with destinations equally diverse.

Yacht Brokerage / Yacht Building in Turkey

Besides of all our charter business, Boating Turkey is leading yacht broker agent in Turkey. Looking for a boat for sale? Our expert brokers ready to support, advise and assist you in every aspect of buying a yacht, yacht ownership, yacht building, yacht management, yacht construction, yacht maintenance, and operation. Whatever your yachting desires may be, our professional team will handle all your requirements. With our extensive knowledge of the current market, we will prepare the list of possible yacht for sale, gullet for sale that fit your particular requirements. During the yacht sales or yacht building process we will continue to lend advice during the due diligence process of sea trials, surveys and project management as well as all other aspects related to the closing, ownership, and operation of your yacht. Visit our weekly updated yacht brokerage section and see detailed the yacht, luxury yacht, boat, gulet, motoryacht, motorsailor, bareboat, sailboat, sailing yacht and catamaran for sale listings

Sailing Leisure Turkey

BOATING TURKEY welcomes you one of the best yacht charter holiday destinations in the Aegean and offers a great variety of skippered or



yachts, catamarans or private crewed gulets cruise and cabin


throughout the whole sail season.


is a traditional Mediterranean style motor sailing yacht featuring spacious deck and often a large aft for dining which makes it a perfect


for large groups. A perfect advantage of crewed sailing yacht charter is the total peace and quiet when the engine is turned off and you sail off into the sunset for memorable private luxury yacht charter holidays in Turkey. The gulet


periods are weekly and charter changes over days are Saturdays, food and beverages policy may choose Full Board or All Inclusive basis. Cabin charter concept with a gullet: Share a boat; rent a cabin; join fellow adventure holidaymakers sailing in Turkish coast, program includes meal on full board basis; beverages required can be bought from the bar on deck. Weekly guaranteed departure trips for cabin charter from








, Antalya, Orhaniye and Kusadasi every Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays. Monohull and multihull bareboat hire periods are weekly and all inclusive basis, no pay any extras like transit log, end cleaning and outboard, all are included in rental price. Guest who has less sailing experience may


skippered sail boat. Experience the local culture or find isolated ancient ruins to wander through; a yacht charter in Turkey will deliver it for you. We are happy to customise your trip to your unique requirements.

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